We are your technology partner.

Our clients are business owners & managers that simply want their technology to do what it was supposed to do: to work without hassle on a daily basis.  They also want help finding ways to unlock all of those hidden little secrets buried deep in the software and hardware that lets them do really great things.  Most of all, they want help understanding what technology is available that can help them do things faster, easier, and more profitably.  That’s what we do.

Our sole purpose at Eclipse Consulting is to make technology useful but unnoticeable, to know what tried and true technology options are available for any business problem, and to fold them seamlessly into our client’s operations.

Some of the things our clients request help with are:

  • Automating the sales and marketing process and/or implementing cool tools to drive more revenue.
  • Getting one software package to send data to another
  • Getting the right information to the right people at the right time…securely
  • Automate workflow…speed up the pace with less work
  • Automate the collection of data about their business
  • Make the entire office mobile…reliably
  • Making broken technology work again

Challenge us…what can we help you do today?  Get connected now by calling 586.263.1775 or by clicking here.